Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Search Engine Freaks

I've seen a lot of talk on blogs about the weird-ass searches that bring people to their sites. If you have a website and sign up with a traffic tracking service it will show you from where a visitor came to your site, i.e. the web page viewed right before yours was viewed. If they came from a search result, it will also give you the search terms used by the visitor. There are some pretty messed up, disturbing search terms people type into Google, et al. Wanna hear mine? It's pretty disappointing. Besides searches for my URL, the only search that yielded my site was for "mormon christmas video." BORING! It's funny, though, to think how disappointed the searcher was once he/she saw that my site was totally lacking in Mormon values.

And about site trackers, what's up with Site Meter not telling you where your visitors are from, but Stat Counter does? I can get the country with Site Meter, but Stat Counter allegedly tells you state/region and city! I might switch, because I'm a curious bastard.

iPod: "When I Fall" by Barenaked Ladies. Say what you will about BNL, but this is a good song!