Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Georgia on my mind.

Not really, but that's where I was for the last few days. I only got online once while away, so I'm blog-lazy right now. Been catching up on reading blogs all day, so I don't really want to exert the energy to write a lot right now.

Most ironic thing I saw on my trip: a Confederate flag strung from a tree.

The weather was great and I got in a nice run (about 8-9 miles). A good time was had by all, and with direct flights, no travel nightmares to report.

My Hot Librarian traffic has slowed. She linked to my site in a post, but I can't find any evidence that she's visited the site. But the search engine visitors are starting to trickle in. Got this one over the weekend: "Ashlee Simpson Orange Bowel." That about sums up the performance right there!

iPod: "Kitchen Door" by Buffalo Tom.