Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Man, am I off my game!

I'm no expert, but I thought that I was pretty au courant about porn. But apparently I'm behind the times (see, Honey, I told you I wasn't surfing porn much anymore!) Lawyer Guy mentioned the phenomenon that is CFNM on his site. That linked site, one of many on the internet devoted to this type of fun, is definitely not safe for those at work or the nude-picture-averse. So you're not forced to actually visit the site to join the discussion, I'll explain a bit. CFNM stands for Clothed Females Naked Males. Basically, it consists of parties with a large group of women, a few male strippers, and a whole lot of debauchery. The men strip and gyrate, and the women, ahhhh, ummmm, participate. In very naughty ways.

I'm sure these parties flourished before webmasters got the bright idea of selling the photos of them on the internet to horny, prurient men. So I ask, how did this practice start? It doesn't seem to spring from the same misogynistic source as things like Bang Bus. Is this objectification of women, or is it empowerment? Or is it just more evidence of the dangers of alcohol consumption? I am fascinated (and admittedly stimulated) by the concept of women getting crazy and blowing naked men in public in front of other women. Part of what excites me about it is the sheer UNLIKELINESS of it!!! Women really act like this? It blows me away that women do this, seemingly willingly, knowing that not only is your cousin watching you, there are cameras present, too. These aren't creepy swing parties. They seem like regular women cutting loose and giving double-handjobs to strangers. Who woulda thunk it?

Okay, the short reprise of the porn theme is over. Now on to TV.

I didn't miss Lost this week, no siree! I liked the flashback story this week, and by "liked" I mean it broke my heart! I can't imagine having my child taken from me, to a different country, and having that child be deprived of knowledge of me. It really gave good context to the character's struggles with being a parent. It seems that I didn't miss too much last week, and not much happened this week to move the story forward, until the end. Spoiler theory:

I think Claire's baby was delivered and They sent her back without it. Creepy!

On Wife Swap tonight, the career woman and slobby family totally bonded over a game of... street hockey. More proof that hockey's the best freakin' sport in the world. I'm totally waiting for the WS episode where one displaced mom and the host dad hook up. That will be great TV! Heh heh!