Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I succumb to the pressure.

CMC has made an official request that I write about sex. I'm more than happy to comply, but I should probably talk it over with my wife first. Some people who read this blog actually know me and/or her, so there may be some issues to consider before I write explicitly about our encounters and fantasies. Maybe the materials will be more appropriate in another blog. We'll see.

But in the mean time, here's some sex. The First Dirty Joke I Ever Heard, from my older brothers when I was around 8:

Two white horses fell in mud...
And three came out.

To this day I'm not really sure I get it, but they told me it was dirty.

Now, if you want to really laugh at something, go check out Homestar Runner. I was crying laughing at this site, which doesn't work so well while at work. I found the site courtesy of the inimitable Mr. P. He's a law student/jokester who comments way too much on The Hot Librarian. I don't remember having that much time to waste when I was in law school. But I didn't have a laptop that I could use to surf the web during class, either. See if you can get the references in his post titles.

iPod: "What Makes You Happy" by Liz Phair.