Monday, February 07, 2005

Die Nast E

What's with all the question marks the media is putting at the end of "dynasty?" Of course the Patriots are a dynasty! If the Cowboys, 49ers and Steelers were dynasties, then the Patriots most certainly are, and they did it in a period of increased parity among teams and more defensive intensity than in recent NFL memory.

Actually I don't much care for the term. First, it seems to be applied when the reign is over, looking back at what a team has done, not what they are doing or are going to do. Maybe with the loss of the defensive and offensive coordinators the fairy tale is over for a while, but we'll see next season, won't we.

But man, what a sloppy game! The Pats' penalties, the Eagles' turnovers. Both defenses played pretty well, but it was hard to watch that last Eagles touchdown drive. Nothing I did was working! I changed my seating position, hand position, feet position with no result. After the Eagles scored first I noticed that my wife had moved the remote control from its place! "What the hell is that doing there?" I asked. Not quite in that manner, though. Once it was returned, New England made their first half-ending drive to tie the score. I think she's starting to understand the effect I have on games now. It wasn't the blowout I was hoping for, but I was satisfied with the result. The receivers all had good games except for David Patten. I don't think he had a catch. Oh well. Maybe next year.

I'm keeping the Brady pic up not because I thought he was the hero of the game, but because he's the Pat I most look like. ;-)

iPod: "American English" by Idlewild and "(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland" by Braid.