Friday, February 04, 2005

Hi. I'm C. And I'm a lazy runner.

There, I've admitted it. I was planning on doing 7 miles last night, but I was working late, and dinner was almost ready when I got home, and after dinner it was late, and I'm a lazy S.O.B. so I didn't run. I put it off for tonight. When I have a meeting with a financial planner so I can start saving/investing for my retirement and get a life insurance policy and stop being a lazy future-planner. So we'll just have to wait and see whether I get the run in. Last Sunday I "ran" about 18 miles and was feeling horrible for a couple days afterward. I think I may have jumped to 18 too fast. But I've got my eyes on the prize for at least a 3:45:00 marathon this year, so I've got to train vigorously, which means doing very long runs and shaming myself in public for skipping a run, like last night.

Why was I at work late last night? My lazy-ass boss/colleague is in town and kept me late. He's such a lazy, stupid bastard, but funnily enough I've heard that HE doesn't want to work with ME anymore! I'm the one who does a lot of his work for him! I'm the one who gathers and keeps track of the all the data we need for our cases! I can't wait to see how he does on his own without me. It's going to get busy for us pretty soon. I'm starting my own case soon, with two other smaller ones also potentially starting, and he's supposed to be starting his own huge one. There's no way I can help him.

Good luck, lazy colleague! Oh, and when you oversleep and come in an hour late, try not to look like you're still in your bed clothes next time. Or next week when we're at the client's offices. Thanks.

iPod: Carnival of Sorts (Box Car) by R.E.M. and "I Hate Myself" by The Dead Milkmen (whose bassist died last year).