Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hi. I'm Rim McGraw, and I've got a job to do.

Thanks, Hot Librarian, for giving me my new name. I'm surrounded by porn monikers, because the apparent porn star edition of Fear Factor is now on. Shannon Swallow is up to do a wave-runner/helicopter stunt. AND SHE GOES DOWN! That's no surprise, I guess.

Seeing THL's multitude of comments really demoralizes me. I couldn't even get Philly fans to post hate-filled messages about the Patriots. I'm a loser. But I've got some regular lurkers, and two other blogs link to me. Saint Decision is the newest. He was dealing with some pretty tough, though admittedly fascinating, issues earlier, but his life has settled down some to let his writing talent shine through. Check him out, and make sure to read his archives!

I'm in Canada again for the week, just working, eating and watching TV. I'm up late again tonight. I need to stop doing that. Screw ironing tonight. My Toronto fan base will be happy (or frightened) to know that I will most likely be visiting their fair city the first week of March. I'll give you hotel and room # info when I know it. Wait, please don't run!

Lost got back on track tonight. It's been a bit hard to get back into it after reruns and missing an ep, but tonight's was good. Idol is getting good (no more lame joke auditions) and it looks like they've got some god talent this year. Not really feeling many of the women so far, but I really like some of the guys. The cocky, chubby farm boy from Ohio is weird, but what a voice!

Time to brush my teeth and get some sleep. Leave a comment to tell me how lame I am. If you don't I'm going to have to break out the Big Gun Post to whore for comments, and piss off the readers who know me in the process. G'night.

TV: "Bowling for Beetles" by Fear Factor.