Sunday, February 27, 2005

Boston Rocks! That is all.

Well, actually, that's not all. I've added another link to my blogroll: The Watergirl. She's a sassy and under-sexed woman in Beantown who writes a lot and includes cool pictures she takes.* I haven't read all her archives, so I don't know that much to encapsulate her in a few words. Check her out. She also leaves really randy and suggestive comments on Ken and Ariel, which you should already be reading.

I'm going to be in Boston next week, and have an extra day without meetings. I should do homework, but I'll probably make a pilgrimmage to the Fleet Center and cry about hockey and try to hook up with 2 of my brothers who live in Boston. Sorry, they don't have indecipherable acronym nicknames. I also called my mom who lives just over an hour away and left a message. My wife convinced (guilted) me to do it. And she was right to. I'm not sure if she or my dad will be able to come up and see me, but I'm sure they would want to know if I'm suddenly that geographically close to them. Thanks, Wife, for helping me be a better son. My mom appreciates it.

My family is outrageously uncommunicative. Since I live far away from all the others, I see them maybe once a year. Two of my brothers didn't come to my recent wedding (but they had good excuses). We all get along. No animosity, but we just don't talk. We don't check in with each other. We don't email. I happened to call two of my brothers after the Sox won the World Series, and found out that one of my brothers had just been laid off. If I hadn't called, it would have taken me about a month to hear it from my mom when I finally called her to say hi, or ask for something. It's sad when I think about it, but the problem is I just don't think about it that much.

I'm looking forward to the trip, even though I hear the weather's going to be crappy. I guess no run along the Charles River this time. Ugh, treadmills!

*WG, any problems you have with my blurb about you, just let me know.