Thursday, March 10, 2005

Prolonged Absence Potpourri

Hey there! I've been away for a little while, for a variety of reasons, so here is an assortment of traditional CBK fare:

NEWS - WTF is wrong with some people? I cherish and respect the right to free speech and thought, but come ON! This kid, and presumably his parents, need a serious dose of perspective slapped into them. Hard. Not that they should be silenced, just educated not to think stupid shit like this. If they have a problem with National Foreign Language Week, they should lobby Congress to do something. I'm sure these people's ancestors spoke True-Blue American English, the best damn language in the world.

This story is pretty fucked up, too. That kid's got some issues.

BLOGS - There's a new blog on the coveted list: The Legend of the Stolen Girlfriend. This guy has ultra-cool photos (taken by him) and an intriguing, somewhat sad story to tell. Check him out. He has also linked to weird shit, so he's got that going for him, too. I've recently added some new blogs to my Favorites to check out, and the list is getting way too counterproductive-ly long. But there may be some new links soon.

TV - What the hell is going on with American Idol voting?!?!? That's about all I can say on that topic because my wife hasn't seen the men's performances or the results show yet. Mum's the word for now.

HEY MERCEDES - Apparently it's not set in stone that the last show will be on the same day as the marathon. So I may still be able to frustrate my wife by taking an outrageously frivolous trip. But the good news is I can probably do air and hotel with points, and spend minimal cash. It's all still up in the air. Updates to come.

MARATHON TRAINING - My left calf tightened up badly last weekend again on my long run. I'm getting worried about the race and the time I'll be able to run. But last night's 3-miler went well. I ran pretty fast. Tonight I'm going to do 7-8 miles, hopefully at the same pace as last night. We'll see how the calf holds up. I'm scheduled to do 20-22 miles this weekend. Ugh.

TEASER - My readers don't really bite on my vague references to impending information sharing, or invitations to guess my secrets, but I've got some big news that I will post about soon. I mean really big. Life-alteringly big. How many words can I mangle into adverbs today?

That's all for now, until the other things I wanted to post about come back to me.

iPod: "That's Right, I Said It" by Hey Mercedes; "Amy Hit the Atmosphere" by Counting Crows (my iPod really likes this song); "Kate" by Ben Folds Five; and "Emma Discovery" by The Anniversary.