Thursday, March 17, 2005

More scenes from a gym

My friend Jade, who comments under the boring name CAP, tells me I need to post more. And I said I'd try.

I came into the gym tonight, and there was a guy walking on the treadmill I wanted to use. He was also watching PBS. For some reason I follow an unwritten code in the gym that if someone is in there before me, then you assume what's on the TV is what they want to watch, and you just politely watch it with them. Even if it's boring as dried shit and it doesn't look like they're watching it at all.

So I started to run on the only other treadmill, warily because it just stopped (!) on me the other day. No warning, no slowing down, just a complete, sudden halt at around 2 miles. It didn't do that tonight. It stopped at 1.7. Bitch! The other guy was still strolling on the good treadmill (at a non-cardio-inducing pace), so I went over to use the ultra-dorky ellipse machine to stay warmed up. My right knee started to feel a little weird, but I got into a groove and trucked along. Pretty soon, the other guy finished with the treadmill and started to leave, so I changed the channel and got back to running. When I did, though, my right knee was killing me! It felt very tweaked and painful. Determined to fight my own subconscious efforts to sabotage my running, I pushed on. It felt okay after a little while, but the other pain I've been getting in my left leg started up again. AND my right calf got the same thing! Some weird, internal soreness that doesn't feel like a muscle, but an inflamed tendon pushing against my bones. I only had 1.4 more miles to go, so I finished, but the real pain didn't start until my cool down walk. Something is definitely wrong with my legs, and I can't figure it out. But enough about my problems.

While running, some guy came in to peek at the pool and then left. 50 something, bald on top of his head. He came back about 10 minutes later holding a balled up swim suit in his hands and went into the men's room. He came out a few minutes later wearing a Speedo! Not a pretty site. Shortly after that the slow-walker came in, wearing a more appropriate suit, and went into the pool area. I thought, "That poor bastard, having to share the smallish pool with Middle-Aged Speedo Man." When I was done with my run, I got some water and looked into the pool area, and neither guy was in there. (?) They must have both been in the hot tub, which was more than I wanted in my head, so I limped out.

I still want to try my 20-22 mile run this weekend. My legs will probably handle it with ease, adding to my consternation.

I promise I'll unveil the Big News this weekend. I've been stringing it along so long now, I don't know what to write. But I will do it.

Peace out.