Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Am I off-putting?

I can't seem to generate much interest in my life lately, either with people I know or the blogging world.

This pleasant detour into Self-Pitysville is related to My Big News. You're not getting it yet. I was waiting to write about it here after I had told the rest of my friends about it first. So I finally emailed the last 4, and only 1 has written back acknowledging it. If I can't get my friends to care about it, what's the point of blogging about it on a site that only 4-5 people read regularly? Can you tell I'm bitter and moody? Humor (or at least the attempts at it) is taking a vacation. I'll try to throw you a bone, though. From the old game show "Make Me Laugh".

A totally deadpan comedian with a Bob Ross fro comes out, and the first thing he says to the contestant is:

"Wanna hear a funny word? Ishkibibble."

He later removed his glasses and smacked himself in the face with a book, all while calmly gazing at the player. His delivery was so great.

P.S.- Just looking at that Bob Ross picture on the site linked above cheers me up and makes me laugh.