Monday, March 21, 2005

He shoots, he scores!

My wife thought my clever movie trivia post was a cop-out, so let me state things more directly.
That's right, dear readers, my wife, our son and I are expecting a child. She's due in early September, pretty close to my own birthday. The Wife is doing great, no sickness, and sexy as ever. Certain things have become bigger and more sensitive, and loved to be touched and fondled. Fun fun fun!

She does have an unexplainable craving for insanely spicy food. I don't think anyone in my family, going back aeons, enjoys really hot food, so that's not coming from me. The devastating wit and passion for hockey will be my contributions, hopefully.

Speaking of hockey, my alma mater was defeated in the finals of its conference tournament, so that was a bummer. On the bright side they have a place in the NCAA national championship tournament, so the dream is still alive for that elusive first national title. You can do it, boys!

In the interest of quasi-full disclosure, I think I'll give a little context on my life, seeing as I've just divulged a major life event.

I'm 31. I'm on my second marriage. I left the first one. I still feel guilty about leaving the marriage, and getting married in the first place, but she was just not someone I loved enough to be with for the rest of my life. I did not appreciate the commitment I was making. My ex-wife and I had some contact for a while, but now we don't communicate at all. I sometimes get calls for her from collection agencies, though, so I pass along the last phone number I had. They can track me down, but not her? Weird.

My current wife is indubitably THE woman I will love and be with the rest of my life. She has a son from a previous relationship, who is now my step-son. I won't be able to adopt him, but he is my son for all practical purposes. I love him more than I could have imagined loving someone, because it's such a different love than romantic love. He just turned 5, is starting to read, and is the funnest and funniest kid you'll ever meet. And damn smart! See, I've got that fatherly pride thing down pat. The coming child will be the first from my sperm (as far as I know), and I'm not-so-secretly hoping for a girl. But I certainly will not be disappointed with a boy. We live in a too-small house and hope to move someday, but we'll make do. It seems the structure of my life is finally set and all that's left is to watch the plot come splashing down to meet me. It will be an adventure, I know, but I have some constants to anchor me, even if Hey Mercedes is breaking up. *sniff*

iPod: "The Passing of America" by Moneen, "Wendy Clear" by Blink 182, "No Name #4" by Elliott Smith, Guster double header (played back to back in the shuffle) "Great Escape" and "Cocoon".

P.S.- I'd like people to offer their answers to my movie questions. I love trivia. Jade and Wife, you can't answer. Sorry.