Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wherein I reveal my big news with movie references

"And if I catch the guy that did it!"

Recognize that quote anyone? It's from the Naked Gun. Recognize the context?

Ever play "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? What's the shortest way to connect Alec Baldwin to Kevin?

What film starring Olympia Dukakis and George Segal re-energized the film careers of two hard-core Scientologists?

Ever see that bad, 80's, business-themed movie starring Diane Keaton? No one else did, either.

What connected a "bartender", a "private detective" and a "goof-off cop" in a remake of a popular French comedy?

Who does nobody put in a corner? (This is probably the easiest one, so I'll leave out the title to obscure it bit.)

I know I promised to reveal all this weekend, and since I started this post 2 minutes before midnight, with easily google-able clues, I feel I have fulfilled my promise. Now I want to go to bed.

I will let you know explicitly, however, that I have decided to scrap the marathon and go to the Hey Mercedes show in Chicago! And I'm very pleased about it. I suppose I should keep training in case something gets in the way of the trip, but I didn't run this weekend at all. I was having too much fun with my family. At the least I can't stop running altogether. That would be disastrous.

Feel free to answer the trivia in the comments, and go ahead and say what I was too chicken to come out and say. Thanks, all!