Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Contractual Obligation Post

Anyone out there have Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album? I used to, and don't know what happened to it. I miss it.

So Jade has bound me to post more, so I'm posting today despite having no time or energy to rant about the Schiavo case, American Idol, table manners, music, or anything else. I've got my own case at work, and I really need to bring it home in a big way. The boss doesn't believe in it, so if I slam dunk it then my stock will rise exponentially and that will translate into dollars, hopefully. Plus my wife works in the same office and she gets annoyed when I goof off too much, since she's such a diligent (yet under-appreciated) worker. No sarcasm there at all. She's a dynamo.

[Aside: You may be wondering if I would be heaping so much praise on my wife if she didn't read this blog. The answer is a resounding "Yes!"]

So I've found my "niche" in weird search terms. Buster has his "Naked Elastigirl", the Sarcastrix has her "Ginormous Tits". Lawyer Guy had his "Sebaceous Dick", or something like that. Mine?

"Ryan Seacrest"

I got two consecutive visitors last night looking for "Ryan Seacrest naked". There was that "Ryan Seacrest naked in the bathroom" a couple days ago. And today "Ryan Seacrest shirts". That one made me laugh because I really WAS writing about Ryan's shirts and my limited wardrobe overhaul.

I was hoping when I started this blog that the band names from the iPod lists would bring people here, connecting me with people of similar musical tastes. Nothing yet.

Back to work. Feel free to write lots of comments for me to respond to. That doesn't take as long as posting.

iPod: "Big House: by Michael Penn, "Thunder Shower" by Fossil, "Head Down" by Soundgarden.