Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh yeah? What's so good about it?

Happy Good Friday, if that's an appropriate greeting. Boss is bitchy and emotional (she recently lost a close family member), Terri Schiavo is fading, her parents are desperate, Jeb Bush wants to kidnap her and spoon feed her himself, the glorious early-Spring weather we had here two weeks ago has become a wet, chilly mess, I haven't run in over a week, no confirmation on The Show. Not your usual TGIFriday, is it?

I feel really bad for Terri's parents. I can't imagine watching your daughter die when you really believe that she's alert and capable of some degree of recovery. But it's just not their call anymore. I'm surprised that someone hasn't offered her husband a bunch of money to change his mind about what Terri would have wanted and fund a divorce from her. If you really think that his motive is not fulfilling Terri's wishes, then outbid whatever benefit you think he's hoping to gain from her death. There are so many rich and powerful people on the parents' side of this, I wonder if it's already been proposed.

One unfortunate effect of this situation, VERY tangential to the whole tragedy of Terri's life, is that those who are advocating for Michael's right to decide what Terri would have wanted, and those (like me) who are appalled at the abuse of power and naked opportunism exhibited by politicians, will easily be branded "murderous liberals" by the conservative attack hounds, allowing Republicans to further polarize the electorate and keep people from being elected that can really address the issues faced by the nation. Crusades against culture, increased political influence by religious and corporate America, and perpetual war-mongering are NOT what this country needs. Those aren't going to decrease the deficit, save Medicare and Social Security, increase employment and economic activity, reduce terrorism, and improve education.

In better news, our son is READING!!! He's actually reading, and it makes my heart light up like E.T.'s when he sounds out a three-syllable word, finishes a sentence, or just starts reading random words on signs. It's so amazing to have a kid, I can't wait for the next one!

iPod: "I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk" by The City on Film, "She's an Angel" by They Might Be Giants, "Annie" by that dog., "The Promise" by Tanya Donelly, and "Crazy Fucker" by Elliott Smith.

P.S.- I really want someone to play movie trivia with me! [pout, pout] I made a comment on The Hot Librarian about a scene in a movie where someone is brushing his teeth while driving, and rinses with Diet Coke. No one bit on it there. Anyone want to guess what movie this is from? Hint, it's in the opening scenes.