Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Busy, busy, busy!

Been pretty busy lately, kids. Came back to the office on Monday to get lectured by the president of the company that things are going to work differently around here, and that she's not happy with how I communicate the status of my cases to her. Nevermind the fact that she told me to "step up" and that she didn't want to be called all the time to solve everyone's problems, but to have people take care of their own cases. Nevermind that my "boss" is the one who's responsible for most of the cases I'm tied to, is incredibly lazy, and doesn't tell her what's going on. It's a weird, frustrating situation. Basically I've been emasculated into a fact-gatherer while other people, not me and my usual partner (my wife), puts the cases together. Then I'm supposed to learn the case enough to present it to the client and others. This is totally different than how I've always done it, and will certainly affect what has been my strong point on cases: that I know the facts of them front, back and sideways. But if that's what the boss wants, that's what she'll get. At least until I move on to the next job.

[Sweetie, I understand that should these words be found by our boss serious consequences will ensue, but fuck it!]

Found a new, fun, time-wasting game today, courtesy of Bliss. Walk the drunk home. Check it out.

Got my show ticket, hotel reservation and plane ticket for Hey Mercedes! The show is at 6:30, which is pretty lame. It's an early show, and we'll be kicked out for the 10:30 DJ show. I hope they get in a whole bunch of songs, though. Anyone within eye-shot of this blog who will be near Chicago on April 23 let me know and we can meet up. I promise this show will be a good time. I guess it would suck to get into a band at their last show, though.

I don't have anything interesting or funny to say. The baby's starting to move, but I can't feel it from the outside yet. We're going to find out the sex in about two weeks. Then the mad shopping and painting will begin. I'm excited for this weekend, because I get to figure out how to install a new phone jack in a wall after running the wiring from the other side of the room. I love D-I-Y projects!

Take care, and stay tuned for more posts worthy of your precious time. I'll think of something.

iPod: "Mysteries of the Unexplained" by Tanya Donelly, "Random" by 311, "Spaceman" by Belly, "Unorchestrated" by Hey Mercedes.

P.S.- If my law school friend in DC is reading this blog (and I know he is) start commenting you fucker! Use the intitials V.M. for Vegetable Medley. I'm going to tell that, and other, stories soon. I can't believe you didn't comment on the Neal Peart/Rush answer in my interview.