Saturday, April 02, 2005

Just a quick little rant...

To tide you all over for the weekend.

Tom Delay is an extremist, insane, fucking idiotic, super-douchebag!

How do people like him get elected? He doesn't have the foggiest idea of how the government is supposed to work. AND, he's hypocritical as hell, considering all the ethics charges against him and his cronies. This is a man who DOESN'T support Bush's Israel-Palestine solution because, according to the Bible, Israel is favored by God and should not be forced to concede a damn thing to the heathen Palestinians, who have lived there just as long as the Jews. Yeah, government is the perfect place for a nut like him.

To the Texans who elected this asshole: I understand wanting someone with Christian morals as your representative, but you missed the mark with this corrupt, self-serving moron. Better luck next time.

UPDATE: Not that I need to cite authority to support my uncontroversial assertion about Tom DeLay, but the story is no longer at that link. Here's a new one. Enjoy.

Blogger was down yesterday. I'll get back into posting today. Promise. Meanwhile check out the Watergirl and Stolen Girlfriend links and read their answers to my interview questions.