Wednesday, March 30, 2005

TSG, you still down?

1. What’s your most embarrassing/uncomfortable going-to-the-bathroom story that happened to you, not someone you know or heard about? Supply gory details.

2. What's your worst childhood memory, from ten years old or younger? What's the happiest?

3. You're feeling very adventurous, and take a secret solo trip to China. While there you get arrested for a drug crime you didn't commit, railroaded through court and sentenced to immediate execution. No one, and I mean NO ONE, knows you're there or what's happened. Before your execution, you're allowed to make three phone calls to anyone in the world. No call you make will save you, though. Who do you call and why?

4. What single piece of art (literature/ music/ visual arts/ cinema) do you wish you created, for personal satisfaction’s sake, not the attending fame and fortune from having done it?

5. Describe the situation you remember most when you laughed a whole, whole, whole lot.

You also get the
Bonus question #6. What are your three favorite boy names and three favorite girl names?