Friday, April 15, 2005

The Legend of Vegetable Medley, Verses XVII-XXIV

[With Editor's Notes]

A fete where CBK did dwell
Brought forth a multi varied lot
And when quite full of drink he got
In slumber CBK then fell

The Council, this, could not accept
And rudely entered quiet house
But poor CBK would not rouse
While downstairs secret lovers slept

Deterred, the Council did retire
To home to end the rapt'rous night
But on the way, a call to fight
When Medley flexed his drunken ire

And then the time at soirée poor
The Orb and CBK did flee
To seek the joys of fair city
And lithely writhe across a floor

Medley and Vindaloo set chase
Long time the manxome foes they sought*
And when the rogues were finally caught
Medley demanded “plead your case”

The vagabonds explained their plight
Medley did grasp their reasons, yet
He would not let them soon forget
How they had left him in the blight

“J'accuse” cried Medley at the pair
“You left me!” his constant refrain
With drink his hurt he did maintain
While 'Loo, now taken, blessed the air

And so now the most crucial part
To learn just how it came to be
The name of Vegetable Medley
The Council to him did impart

* [Ed. note: Though some scholars maintain this work originates from 8th century France, thus suggesting Lewis Carroll borrowed this line for his "Jabberwocky", most place this work much, much, much later, and interpret the line as plagiarized from Carroll]