Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Legend of Vegetable Medley, Verses XXV-XXXII

[With Editor's Notes]

Such revelry long hours would last
These sweats and efforts, although good
Create a hunger, and so would
Necessitate a warm repast

Enhungered our heroic band
Would give their fast an early break
Within the realm of Egg and Steak
Their health placed in Fate's fickle hand

CBK learned this lesson well
When ate he vittles from this store
And then from op'nings aft and fore
One whole week long he did expel*

But frequently they did return
For pancake, waffle, and om'let
Their drunken minds would oft forget
The attendant intest'nal burn

One night upon a different course
Our hero followed famished wish
Compelled to choose a fateful dish
His namesake Medley did endorse

He ravished said meal heartily
And sang its virtues o'er and o'er
And when time came to leave through door
That which remained he took with glee

He held the package close to breast
A lonesome distance still remained
On dark road to-ward his domain
He walked and ate the tasty rest

One more was named here, by the by
When choosing entrée from menu
CBK oft would order two
When one, for most, would satisfy*

*[ Ed. note: Scholars agree that these two stanzas are not part of the original Legend. The Legend flourished in its early years from public performances by bards and jugglers. These lines were most likely added by such a performer who was especially sympathetic to the CBK character. This particular version of the Legend gained popularity and survived with the extra verses intact.]