Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Legend of Vegetable Medley, Verses XXXIII-XL

[With Editor's Notes]

This noble Council's end was sealed
When summer peeked its radiant face
Camaraderie was fast replaced
When peeps and romance were revealed

RCA became a friend
Of women lovely to the eyes
Their love for him he'd fantasize
Though he would get none in the end

The Orb assessed his social route
And lacking did he find this crew
A cooler brand of friend he drew
And roundly shut the others out

Vindaloo was eas'ly roped
By dour companion, in his need,
Who did not meet his lofty creed
And so in self-pity he moped

CBK soon after met
A lass that seemed a worthy match
But de-vi-ous plan she would hatch
To spend his funds and incur debt

Medley searched both far and wide
And found a princess, certainly
When meting suitors she would see
Only those with worthy ride

Anon, this girl he did endear
And envy did he well create
In those who chose a lesser mate
She hummed his anthem loud and clear

A knot was tied, made one from twain
But unbeknownst to Medley's mind
A shadow vile lurked just behind
The happiness that he would gain

[Ed. note: Thus the surviving text of The Legend of Vegetable Medley concludes. The seemingly abrupt ending suggests that there is more to this hero's story, though nothing has been found that would complete the tale. Perhaps one day the rest of the saga will be unearthed in a remote corner of the world, preserved and ready to be told. Maybe on another blog. Who knows.]