Thursday, April 28, 2005

Um... ahhh... erm...

I have very little to say today. If it weren't for Guster, I'd have nothing to say at all.

I have listened to Guster since about 1993 or so, when they used to come up to my alma mater and play shows with Thanks to Gravity. Guster got big and TTG didn't. Anyway, I'm not the world's biggest Guster fan, and to tell you the truth, I preferred them in their small club, high energy music and zany antics phase from 2000 and before, but they're still a great band and funny as hell. Every now and then I remember that they have a website and I read their studio and road journals, which are written by their percussionist. He's damn funny. And it's because of him that I found this site: Jowlers. What a great concept! I love it.

I'm so enamored of the site that it's making me think about dropping the veil of secrecy a bit and posting a picture of myself jowling for my profile pic. Just thinking for now. We'll see. I totally let the audioblog idea die before. That was more laziness and self-consciousness about the sound of my voice than concern for my privacy, though. Let's hear it people! What do you think about a jowling picture of me? Will it ruin the devastatingly handsome image you've created of me in your heads?

Has anyone read the article in the new Rolling Stone about Weezer? Wow! Rivers Cuomo is one f'ed up guy. The dynamics of the band, how they communicate, and how they treat each other sounds so weird. I always imagine a band being friends until they just get sick of each other, lash out and break up. But Weezer sounds like an office of people who sometimes get along, sometimes don't, but who stay and do the job and don't care much either way about the other people. Very interesting.

And that's all that's on my mind.

iPod: "The New Nathan Detroits" (Live) by Braid, "Sandwiches Time" by Weezer, and "Stay" by Belly.