Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...


I've decided to use for hosting. You don't need to register or pay or anything. True you don't get your own folder, because all pictures are stored together randomly (and you can scroll though pics uploaded by other people), but that's all I need for now. I'm planning on posting random pics with my posts...

like an old photo of Thanks to Gravity:

Image hosted by

or a lovely holiday scene:

Image hosted by

or pictures of my former cats that my ex-wife kept in the divorce:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

or the Star Wars Ghetto:

Image hosted by

Isn't' it great?!?! Now I just have to learn how to size the suckers so they're not so friggin' huge.

I'll probably put a picture at the top of the blog, too, to give this place some character. Progress, Baby, progress!

iPod: "Diane" by Guster, "Floaty: by Foo Fighters, "Morna" by Tanya Donelly, and "Plateau" by Nirvana.

Notes, 5/5/05: Some of you may have noticed a certain picture missing that was here yesterday. Apparently it wasn't so cool with my friend, so I replaced it with one of equal hilarity. And I figured out how to resize them so my links aren't pushed down to the bottom.