Monday, May 09, 2005

That's your mother!

Not sure I got that quote right, but it's from an ex-girlfriend and her roommate. Whenever they would mock daytime trash talk shows like Jerry Springer and Montel, they would use that line. I never saw the episode they were referring to, but they really enjoyed it.

So anyway, did you all treat your mommies well yesterday? I had two mothers to honor. It's usually easy to get a card for my mom, but annoyingly difficult for my wife. I went to 4 stores before I found an acceptable card. They were all over-the-top corny and/or butt ugly. It's hard to get a card that says what you want it to, so I look for cards with few words, but they were few and far between this Mother's Day. It was a good MD, with nice weather most of the day.

I have some exciting news: I solved all 4 stages of the "Free the Balloon" game I linked earlier. I admit, I got a hint from a google search when my attempts to solve Level 1 were continuously frustrated. After that I got them all, and found another similar game that appears to be harder.

Click here for the 4-level Balloon Game. If you would like the hint I got, just leave a comment and ask for it.

Click here for Hapland, the new challenge. I have no hints to give because I have no idea what to do yet.

The Diet Pepsi commercial with the guy "kicking it old-school" is kind of funny, but why the hell do they use "Can't Touch This"? That's hardly "old-school" rap. They should have used Rapper's Delight. Stupid, stupid!

Sorry this post is so boring. How about another random picture from my hard drive?

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Two of my favorite all-time Boston Bruins, celebrating their Stanley Cup win... with the Colorado Avalanche.

Ray Bourque and Dave Reid. And I was at the parade!