Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time's up, put down your pencils.

Here's the answer to the logic-professors-ordering-dishes question:

Night one they order- A,A,B,C,D. This way they can name dish A.
Night two they order- B,E,E,F,G. Now they know dish B because they recognize it from the night before and dish E.
Night three they order- C,F,H,H,I. They remember C from night one, so they name it, they remember F from night two and identify it, they remember D from night one and can identify it because they never saw it again, same for G from night two. They can name H because it is the only doubled dish on night three, and I because it is the only non-doubled dish they have never seen.

This is the way I came up with, but there are several correct answers depending on which dishes you double and when. I'll post another game on Friday, probably.

iPod: "Vancouver" by Violent Femmes and "Lantern" by Tanya Donelly.