Thursday, May 12, 2005

Well aren't you special!

Because you're all getting the CBK Triple Play!

1. Here's the second brainteaser:

A particular inn always offers the same nine dishes on its dinner menu labeled A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I.Five foreigners arrive. Nobody tells them which dish corresponds to each letter and so they each select one letter without knowing what they will eat.The innkeeper arrives with the five dishes ordered and puts them in the center of the table so that they can decide who eats what.This goes on for two more nights.The foreigners, who are professors of logic, were able to deduce by the dishes they ordered which letter represents what dish.What could have been the dishes ordered each of the three nights?

Just post each night's dishes in the comments, no need for lengthy explanations. There are multiple correct answers, but the one I came up with is the most logical [;-)] so if anyone gets it the same way I did, they'll get the "Great Minds Think Alike Bonus" of 100 points.

2. This game is currently driving me crazy. I'm probably overthinking it. Try it out, it's pretty cool. Petals Around the Rose. Don't tell me how to solve it if you figure it out.

3. Movie trivia question: Who am I?

-I've directed several movies starring classic SNL cast members.

-I've acted in several movies costarring classic SNL cast members.

-I'm most famous for my voice acting.

I'm amenable to giving hints if anyone would like. Good luck and good night.