Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You'll never guess what happened!

First there was a loud slamming on the door. We woke up, confused and a little worried. Then there was the loud crash of breaking glass, and we both freaked out. Someone was trying to get into our house.

My wife went in to wake up our son, and I went to grab the phone. We were still hearing glass breaking, and had no idea which window it was coming from. As I put on my glasses and struggled to dial 911 correctly in the panic and haze of half-sleep, I could hear shouting outside my house and more banging. It sounded like a group of people were outside trying to get in. I finally got through to 911 and told them someone was breaking into our house. I heard my wife scream that someone was breaking in, presumably explaining to our son what was going on. As I talked on the phone to the operator, telling her what was going on and where I lived, I crouched down by my bedroom door, trying to see into the dark house. I was looking for something long and heavy I could swing, but couldn't find anything.

I saw some flashing lights and realized that the police had arrived. Then I went across the hall to my son's room to see if my wife and son were okay, and they weren't in there. I saw that his window was open, and a Lego box was knocked over and spilled. I thought someone had broken the window and taken them out of it. I tried to get the operator to ask the police on the scene to find out where they were. She put me on hold, and I screamed out the window for my wife. There was no answer. I checked the front of the house and saw the broken window. I heard voices that I assumed were police. The operator came back and told me that she didn't know where my wife and son were. I went to the front and looked out the window. I saw a guy on my front lawn, face down, and a cop pointing a gun at him. I yelled out and asked if they knew where my wife was, and someone yelled back in that she was at the neighbors. I ended the call with 911 and went to the front door to go out and find my family. When I opened it, I saw dark splatterings on it. One cop asked if I could find another way out of the house. I went out the side door and over to my neighbors, where my wife was sitting holding out boy on her lap.

That was the scene last night at my house, about 11:30 pm. I had been asleep for about an hour when the banging started. It turned out that some guy, presumably high, carjacked somebody at knifepoint, drove down the road and hit some other cars, ditched the car at the end of our street, and ran to our house, thinking someone was after him with guns. He banged on our door then broke the window (double pane) with his hands. That's where all the blood came from. My wife screamed out our son's window to our neighbor, who came over and saw the guy trying to get in the front window. My wife threw our son out the window and climbed out herself (6 months pregnant and wearing nothing but panties). She went to the neighbor's while police were driving by. Our neighbor, after trying to calm the guy down, whistled them down, and they "subdued the suspect". Turns out they were driving by looking for the guy in the car he stole, and just happened on our house.

Some neighbors and we were up pretty late cleaning up the blood and the large pieces of glass. There was a lot of blood. The guy must have really hurt himself. The police think he was very high, paranoid and probably didn't feel much pain. I didn't get a good look at him, but I hope to attend some of his court dates to see him and get the whole story.

It made for quite a scare and adrenaline rush. It wasn't as dangerous a situation as it seemed at the time, but my wife and I have never had a more terrifying experience than being woken up by shattering glass. A neighbor lent us a board to put over the window, and we went to bed. We kept our son in bed with us. He and I fell back asleep, but my wife didn't sleep much at all. We both took the day off today to clean up and get a new window. By tonight, everything will be back to normal.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures of the "crime scene" with the blood and broken glass. Today, though we found out another uninvited guest entered our home though the now-open window:

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It looked more menacing in person. When I smushed it outside, it was quite juicy and left a lot of guts on my shoe. So much gore!

BTW, the answer to last week's Who Am I? is:

Chris(topher) Columbus.