Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Answers to your pressing questions!

Hi there! I know Jade still has a clue to work through, but it was such a giveaway that I'm just going to tell you the answers to the CBK Triple Play.

1. Steady Hand - It's a joke game. You're supposed to be concentrating on the screen, navigating that little dot through the labyrinth, when "Shazam!" the scary fat guy jumps out. At first I thought it meant I hit the side, but after a couple times I suspected foul play. A check of the Gorilla Mask forum confirmed my suspicions. So I decided to play the joke on all of you. You're welcome!

2. You're the Detective - Dearest Wife got this one right, but it was a flawed puzzle in my mind. I was in a hurry to post something and decided to use this one. The original used composers' names, with Schubert being upset at being called "sherbert". I decided it might be fun to change the names to Clue characters, and the Mustard/Poupon fit perfectly. The clue doesn't really give you enough rules to make the answer a necessity (such as "each room has only one person, except where the killer is"). One of them, Miss Scarlet, isn't accounted for at all, so you assume she's in the only room left, but it's possible that she's the killer. And loving or hating books doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in or out of the library/study. All in all, kind of a weak brain teaser, but better than the others I found. I'm losing confidence in this aspect of the Triple Play. Perhaps I'll start to make up my own.

3. Sibling Rivalry - Jade got all of them right, except for Jeff Bridges. Since he costarred in Fabulous Baker Boys with his less famous brother, Beau, it's pretty obvious once you hear that title. Beau played the father in The Hotel New Hampshire and the two-timing father of Jerry O'Connell's hot-prospect quarterback in Jerry Maguire.

4. Indian Rubber - Indian rubber is the rule whereby you can throw the ball at baserunners and hit them to get them out. It's damn fun. For best results, only use a Whiffleball or tennis ball.

iPod: "Capricorn (live) by Braid, "On a Sunday" by Jimmy Eat World, "Oh Penny" by Hey Mercedes, "American English" by Idelwild, "Stand by Me (shirtless, crowd-surfing live version)" by Guster, "Perfect Circle" by R.E.M., "Golgi Apparatus" by Phish. [Every song that came on during this post was a song I love. Usually I skip over, or fail to mention, less worthy titles. Sweet.]