Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh yeah!

One other thing I love about Whiffleball that I forgot to mention: indian rubber! That's pretty cool, too. Heck, I'll offer some points to the first commenter who knows what that is. (Except Jade, don't give the answer! You know too much.) I'm desperate for comments, can you tell?

Anyone figure out Steady Hand yet? What about the lame Clue-type question? Here's another game/time-waster. Very similar to the peg game on the tables of all Cracker Barrel restaurants. And just like that game, I figure out a way to win it then can't remember how I did it, so can't replicate the feat. Damn!

iPod: "Dog-Faced Boy" by Phish and "Milwaukee Sky Rocket (live)" by Braid.