Monday, May 30, 2005

Takin' 'er e-sie!

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and the living is easy. No motivation or inspiration to post this weekend. We had a family cook-out today, and I was really excited to get a Whiffleball and Whifflebat to play with the kids in the back yard. I love Whiffleball! Me, my brothers, my friends and some of my brother's friends used to play all the time when we were young. We lived on a cul-de-sac with little to no traffic, and it made for a great playing field. Later, in high school, we used to play Whiffle Homerun Derby on a little league field, using the pitcher's mound as home plate and the backstop as the homerun fence. Man, I love Whiffleball. I love pitching curves and sinkers with the ball, and connecting on a pitch and launching a home run. I also used to play with the yellow bat like it was a sword and do a Conan the barbarian trick with it. Anyway, I was so excited to find a Whiffleball and bat for today, and I could not find one!!! I went to Walmart and two other K-Mart-like department stores. Nada. Then I went to a sporting goods store, and they didn't have it either! What the hell is wrong with this place? Doesn't anyone carry Whiffleball products in the Salt Lake Valley?!?!?! I was very upset. The sports store had a Whiffle knock-off, with holes in the ball that allegedly make it curve when you hold it the right way. I tried it out, and it doesn't curve like a Whiffleball. Not only that, but the balls that came with the bat both broke at the seam in the middle after a few minutes use. WTF?!?!?! Whiffleballs never break there, in my experience. They last weeks, at least, and start to break at the thin parts between the holes on the top. I'm depressed. I want to play really badly now. I'm sure the feeling will pass, and the heart-breaking nostalgia I feel for my idyllic childhood will fade for a while. Sigh. Whiffleball and street hockey. My two childhood loves.

Jade, or anyone who cares, here are two more movie titles for the two remaining, unanswered famous sibling questions:

d. The Hotel New Hampshire
f. Terms of Endearment

The movie I was originally going to use for Eric and Julia Roberts was Best of the Best. I thought that might be too easy, but the other night I realized it's a double! For bonus points, think of another less-famous sibling that stars in it, and tell me the more famous one.

I'll offer a little explanation for the title. It's supposed to be a phonetic spelling of "taking her easy", the way some cool kids used to say it where we grew up. I have an older brother who was very popular back in middle and high school. One day, I was at a beach, and a kid who was older than me, but younger than my cool brother, wanted to know all about my brother, because he was so cool. He asked me to say things like him, so that he could learn to do it, too. One of the things he wanted me to say was "Take 'er e-sie" with a hard 's' in easy. It was kind of a strange experience, but I was happy to get the attention, even if it was because of my more famous brother.

Holy crap!! I just tied my life to my trivia question, and didn't even realize I was doing it until that last sentence! Wow!