Friday, June 10, 2005

You only have yourselves to blame.

Due mostly to the complete and utter absence of participation in last week's Triple Play (and due a little to my inability to remember it's Friday until it's already noon on Friday) there will be no Triple Play this week.

Unless I throw something together later tonight.

But for now, I want to discuss something serious, and I want all of your feedback. Feel free to comment anonymously, but please make your opinion known, as you will be helping to decide the answer to a very important question:

Should my wife and I circumcise our newborn son?

I'm sure you all have strong feelings based on your own experiences, and please, don't feel awkward in considering my son's promising future sex life. But there are some factors you should probably know before offering your opinion:

1. Our 5 year old son is circumcised.
2. I have what you might call a hooded sweatshirt. With the hood on and the drawstring pulled tight.

How's that for too much information?

So what do you think? Should we or shouldn't we? My wife has been doing some reading on the procedures, pros and cons, and effects on the child; and she still can't really decide. I obviously like the way I am (no lube needed), but I grew up envying the statuesque, helmeted soldiers I saw in porn mags and movies, which seemed to be firmly in the majority. So it's hard for us to make a decision.

On another issue, I've threatened in the past to put up an Audioblog, but chickened out. I may have to reconsider thanks to the entertaining things our son said last night. To merely type the words here will not come close to conveying the humor and shock of the situations. Even having me or him repeat them in an Audioblog will detract from the original. Ideally we would have had a video camera, that he couldn't see, recording him when he said them. Maybe someday they'll invent cameras you can implant in your head that you can use to show everyone the funny, amazing, horrible things you see. And sell the footage to TV shows and make some dough.

iPod: "Polyester Bride" by Liz Phair, "Elephant" by Braid, "Red Oyster Cult" by Guster, and "Thief" by Belly.