Friday, June 03, 2005

Triple Play, Baby!

1. Internet game: Soap Bubble. Get the helpless bubble out of the deep, dark, dangerous cave. I haven't played it that much yet, so I don't know how long it takes, but it looks fun.

2. Brain Teaser: The Three Jugs of Water Problem. I was looking for a puzzle similar to this I've done before, but found this first. It's reminiscent of the problem in Die Hard With a Vengeance that Bruce and Samuel need to figure out to stop a bomb. Here's the puzzle:

Two friends who have an eight-quart jug of water (Jug A) wish to share it evenly. They also have two empty jars, one holding five quarts (Jug B), the other three (Jug C). How can they each measure exactly 4 quarts of water? Describe each step you take to get divide the water in two halves. If you would like a visual aid to help, you can go to this page, which has a Java diagram that lets you pour water between the three jugs. I got it in 7 steps. I don't know if there's a shorter solution, but I'd love to see if anyone can come up with one. Good luck.

3. Trivia: The Significant Other Kevin Bacon Game. I just made it up, and I think it's fun. Start with the actors on the left, and link them to Kevin Bacon. Then go from Kevin Bacon to their ex/current significant other. I tried to make this game totally out of my head, and only used IMDB to confirm things I thought were right. Aren't I special. What that means is that there are probably shorter ways to connect these people than I came up with, so there are bonus points to be had. There's one rule - you can't use any films that both of the love-connected actors are in (so no "Seven", no "Gigli", no "Far and Away", etc.). Here are the lists:

A.1. Tom Cruise - Kevin Bacon - Mimi Rogers
2. Tom Cruise - Kevin Bacon - Nicole Kidman
3. Tom Cruise - Kevin Bacon - Katie Holmes

B.1. Brad Pitt - Kevin Bacon - Gwyneth Paltrow
2. Brad Pitt - Kevin Bacon - Jennifer Aniston

C.1. Ben Affleck - Kevin Bacon - Jennifer Lopez
2. Ben Affleck - Kevin Bacon - Jennifer Garner

D.1. Demi Moore - Kevin Bacon - Bruce Willis
2. Demi Moore - Kevin Bacon - Ashton Kutcher

E. Super Bonus Question! Elizabeth Taylor - Kevin Bacon - Richard Burton

iPod: "S.O.S." by The Breeders and "Only in Dreams" by Weezer.