Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"My name is Phansamorn Changkiendee"

"But you can call me Lek."

I've just violated someone's privacy in a big way, but it sounds so funny I had to use it. My wife found it in an online class introduction. Where the hell does "Lek" come from? Why not Phan? Or Morn?

So all you Triple Play-ers are running out of time. (Jade and, um, no one, I'm looking in your direction.) Tomorrow is answer day.

I watched "Hell's Kitchen" last night on Fox. Insane. This chef guy routinely swears at and insults employees and customers without hesitation. And he's supposed to be an internationally renowned restaurant owner? There are more bleeps on one episode of this show than a whole season worth of shows on all the other major networks combined. But it's cheap, trashy reality TV, so me and my wife will be watching it this summer. That's about all the TV I'll be watching. With homework and blogging I have barely turned on the tube after the major season finales. I need to be reading more. I'm in the middle if Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, and I love it, but I keep getting these damn Entertainment Weeklys every week that I HAVE to read. How else can I keep up with pop culture since I'm not much of a consumer of it anymore. Actually, I love the magazine, but my reading time is pretty much confined to when I'm takin' care o' business, if you know what I mean. If I could bring a TV or computer in there, I probably would. (Sorry about that.) I need better reading discipline. And exercising discipline, too. Ugh.

iPod: "For All to See" by Buffalo Tom, "Boat of Car" (a very strange song) by They Might Giants, "Acapulco" by Weezer, "I Am One" by Smashing Pumpkins, "Rainy Day" by Guster, and "The Passing of America" by Moneen (a band I'd like to get know better).