Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On Old Age

As you may know, I love the magazine Entertainment Weekly. Once a month they include a supplement in their magazine called Listen2This, focusing on music of the day. Mostly this section seems to be where they let interns write articles, because it's so poorly written compared to the rest of the magazine. This month's edition, though, made me take notice for a couple reasons.

First, they did an interview with the Foo Fighters, and took the admirable course of interviewing each member individually, in their own environs, instead of all together in the studio where Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins would monopolize the conversation. Don't get me wrong, I love Dave Grohl, but it was very interesting to learn about the other members' personalities and thoughts on the band.

Second, they did a silly interview with The Offspring. They're touring with the Warped Tour this summer, or something like that. I never liked The Offspring. I always placed them one notch above Ugly Kid Joe on the "Bad Rock Band/Novelty Act" Meter. When I heard them called "punk" back in the day I was aghast! Um, no! Their guitarist is named "Noodles". They're not punk. Anyway, they seemed like nice but boring guys in the interview, but the thing that shocked me was how old the members all look now! The band broke out about 10 years ago, right? Apparently Dexter was already 35-36 at the time. Wow!

Even more shocking than that, though, was the article on Dinosaur Jr.'s reunion. I've enjoyed what I've heard from them, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I've wanted to check out more of their music for a while, and I LOVE how J Mascis plays guitar. It's always immediately recognizable and just so ripping. Great stuff. Anyway look at these pictures of J Mascis:

On the cover of Spin
J in 1992

Holy Crap!
J present day

Man, does he look old now! Lou Barlow, on the other hand, looks exactly the same as in his Sebadoh days. J looks like that comedian on Best Week Ever who was in the Dave Matthews Band video for "Everyday" hugging everyone, but without the trucker hat. I was just blown away. Time sure goes by quickly. I can't believe I'm 31. When people meet me for the first time, they see a full-grown adult, while I still think of myself as recently graduated from adolescence. Scary.

I got to thinking about old age yesterday on another subject, as well. My wife and I work in the same office, and we get a little frisky with each other now and then, and get ourselves worked up. When we get home, though, other things get in the way and we don't end up closing the deal we struck earlier in the day. So last night I said, "we should come home and have Nooners during the day." I get excited at the thought of Nooners, but I realized that doing it is a sign of getting old. We can't stay awake long enough at night to have sex, so we have to steal way from work to get busy? That's a sad realization.

I'll still take the Nooner, though.

iPod: "Moron" by The Dead Milkmen, "Walking Wounded" by Buffalo Tom, "Fallout" by Tanya Donelly, "The Soul Cages" by Sting, "Bridge to Canada" by Braid, and "Seen the Doctor" by Michael Penn.

In My Mouth and On My Fingers: Cheetos. Yummmm.