Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Some light entertainment

I'm supposed to be doing homework, but my lazy, rationalizing mind keeps putting it off while I watch AFI's 100 greatest movie quotes. I'm digging it, but I wish they had refrained from having B through D List actors doing bad recitations of the lines. James Brolin's Bond screen test was pretty classic, though. Classically bad!

Here are some entertaining things I came across today:

1. From Post Secret, the fascinating confessional site, a post card from a true recycler.

2. I've been waiting a long time for a new Teen Girl Squad!

3. I'm already a freak about collecting every Doonesbury strip, and now along comes The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. I know my wife reads my posts to get gift ideas, but I'd rather one of you bought this for me first so we don't spend our money on it.* We have a baby coming you know. I don't dare buy it, and I'd feel guilty if she got it for me.

4. I'm sad to report that there actually will be a show starrring Jennifer Love Hewitt called "Ghost Whisperer" on CBS next season. I believe the working title was "A Huge, Steaming Pile of Rancid Crap Starring an Annoying, Skinny, Crappy Actress".

Back to the books.

* Please don't actually do this. I mustn't be encouraged.