Saturday, June 18, 2005

She's With Stupid

As many of you may know, we experienced a night-time break in at our home a couple weeks ago that put quite a scare into us. Ever since then we've been a bit nervous and on edge about things. The guy who broke in had carjacked someone at knife-point just before getting to our house. Just this week there was another carjacking, this time at gunpoint, a few blocks from our house. When we heard the story on the news, we locked all the doors and windows and I started looking for something hard to swing.

Last night, we were watching Sideways (liked it, BTW) and there was a scene where someone is pounding loudly on a door. We both had quiet, near-panic reactions as soon as the knocking started. Later in the night, about 1 am, I heard a big truck backing up across the street from our house, which is not common at 1 am. I looked out the window to see what was going on, and realized why I could hear the truck at all: We had opened one of our living room windows during the movie, but because our blinds were still down, neither of us remembered it was open. We almost went to bed without closing it. If we had woke up this morning, and my wife noticed the open window, she would have been really freaked out. So it was a good thing I noticed it and closed it.

When my wife opened the front door to leave this morning, what do you think she saw that I had left the night before after rushing home with movies and milkshakes?


CD Player: The City On Film, In Formal Introduction!!! New CD from Bob Nanna's solo project came in the mail today. My wife got it for me as a Fathers day gift. She's the best!