Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meet Jill Wagner

Jill is an actress. Here she is:

Hi, I'm Jill.

Jill is a pretty woman. She was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1979. She is 5'8" and according to sources, weighs "perfect".

Jill has had several guest spots on television shows, such as Punk'd and Dr. Vegas. She has also done some modeling.

Here is Jill slutting it up for Stuff Magazine:

Miss Wagner if you're nasty.

But the most important thing you should know about Jill is that she is, allegedly, the spokeswoman for Mercury's Mariner and Montego automobiles. Here she is in a Mercury Mariner commercial:

Lots of sexy cargo space.
And best-in-class sultry leg room.

About 2/3 of my visitors recently have been searching for this woman, so I felt it was time to give the people what they want.

For more information, and pictures, please visit here and here. Those are much better resources than I am. Thank you.

Still no iPod. Where is it?

P.S. - I would hardly call her skinny ass "perfect". I'm thinking of doing a weekly feature called "Beautiful Real Woman of the Week" where I show random pictures of attractive women who are not famous and not extremely thin, overly augmented, or dressed like whores. Just normal, beautiful women that I find on the web somewhere. This may be hard to do on a weekly basis. I'm not even sure where to look, except maybe personals sites. I'll probably include some pregnant women, too, so my wife realizes how beautiful she still is.

Yeah, I'm a suck up. What of it?