Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let's get a few things clear

First, there is NO better 4th of July celebration than at the Esplanade in Boston, with the Boston Pops. Perhaps there is no better patriotic celebration in the whole world. Can you beat the 1812 with fireworks and howitzers? I think not! Which makes CBS's non-broadcast of said Overture so puzzling and enraging!

Second, the inaugural Real Beautiful Women post comes with some provisos. I limited myself in selecting women that provided at least a half-body photograph with their ad. I figure that using head-shots kind of defeats the purpose of promoting women who aren't slaves to the cult of improbable body image. The other issue I want to address is what the readers' roles should be in this. I don't want this to turn into a "Hot or Not" kind of voting thing, but I don't want to discourage the free exchange of opinions. So feel free to praise or condemn the appearance of the women, to praise or condemn my choices and taste in women, or to praise (don't you dare condemn) my wife's role in this endeavor. I only ask that negative comments be kept civil without profanity, colorful adjectives and/or crude analogies. Don't get me wrong, those things are great in other contexts, but here I'd like to keep it nice.

I mentioned the three categories. These are not set in stone, I'm still experimenting. Feel free to offer feedback on the format as well, and we can find something that works.

Oh yeah, to my Great White North readers, I'm not forgetting Canada (dear lord, I could not forget the women of Canada!). I will include the provinces in this, too, either after all 50 states, or mixed within. So without further infuriating caveats and explanations I present...