Wednesday, July 06, 2005

T & A & E

What's up with A&E? I remember when I would watch symphony performances on the fledgling sophisticate network. What a sensationalistic slide the channel is plummeting down! First there was the whole Hugh Hefner birthday party broadcast, and tonight I watched a program on cleavage. And it wasn't even good! Look, "Arts" and Entertainment network, if you're going to sleaze things up behind a thin facade of educational programming, do it right! Like HBO's Real Sex series. This middle of the road crap alienates your former core audience and won't ensnare the Spike crowd.

There's also a new sheriff in town, CBK-pokes: Cowboy Matty of Six Shooter Ranch. I don't really know how to describe his site, so I'll just use some free word association: blunt opinions, food, sex, porn, humor, pot, sex. And, if Lulu is to be believed (and I can't think of why she shouldn't be) he's holsterin' more than a six-shooter. So mosey on down and say "Howdy". And then shoot me for using lame Old West slang.

Hey, I'm in Calgary on the verge of Stampede. Yeeee hah!!!!