Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Some funny coincidences

Thanks to all of you for your feedback on the Beautiful Women Project. I'm going to start scouting New Hampshire soon.

I'm in Calgary this week, it's late, and you guessed it, I haven't ironed my clothes for tomorrow yet. So here's a short, pointless post about two co-inky-dinks from today:

1. Earlier I responded to someone's positive comment on my blog with the phrase "Mercy buckets". About 20 minutes later I drove past a restaurant of the same name.*

2. I was driving because I had rented a car to visit a farm north of Calgary to search for some valuable documents that might have been stored there. I didn't find anything, but I took a lovely, scenic drive back to the city via the rolling green hills of the Bow River Valley.** I stopped in Cochrane, Alberta for dinner, and as I was pulling into town, "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane (a Canadian) came on the radio. Even though I have always despised the song, I had to keep it on to celebrate the irony.


* Okay, it's called "Merci Buckets", but I'm counting it.

** Unfortunately that's the best picture I can find. Just imagine it even greener and without the golf course.