Monday, July 11, 2005

Unprecedented Reader Response!

Thank you all for taking the CBK image poll. I really appreciate your input and readership. I was pretty busy doing very little productive this weekend, so I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to respond to your comments. I will do that here instead.

The Sub - Looks like most of you aren't too fond of it (Camogirl's never been fond of the cheesesteaks, even in the early prototype stage), and frankly it's starting to get to me, too. It violates my first (aspirational) rule of communication: subtlety. The grease and goopiness by themselves don't get to me, it's just the sheer scale to which those qualities are broadcast. New banner is in the works. Oh, and nice vegetable medley reference, Rachel! 50 points.

Fluidity - I don't think I'm going to make design changes a recurrent feature, but I will be experimenting with a new banner and profile pic. I like the basic template, and don't really want to change that. I'll have to think about the treasure hunt thing.

Profile pic - I'm working on it. I think I'll pick one and stay with it, and not revive the changing picture thing. Jade, ummm... no. I'll spare these fine people my crustache and center-parted feathered hair. Grump, can you recommend anything, like with an afro, perhaps?

Cleavage - I was half joking, but we'll see. Don't worry, Rachel, if it goes up it will be subtle and tasty, I mean tasteful, and certainly won't be mine. And probably not my wife's either (unless it's some kind of treasure to be hunted. Sorry, Lulu.). Thank you, Amelia, for that great compliment. I won't use G-Dub even to disparage the man or his administration, so no worries there.

Ringo - I just threw that out there to be silly. I couldn't think of anything else. Jade, I know which Beatle is your favorite. (Does the name "Swaida" ring a bell?) Cowboy M, I think drugs would explain that theory of Ringo's role, too.

B. Nanna's - It made me laugh a lot, but I guess it's more silly/clever. Jinx, did it teach him how to spell "shit", too? Cowboy M, that's far, far worse. CamoGirl, do you HAVE a sense of humor? ;-)

Oddity - I'm just a smart ass. An unoriginal smart-ass if you read The Hot Librarian about six months ago. Amelia and Cowboy M, you guys might want to get those checked out.

Thanks to all of you again. I have one more question, and then I'll leave you with a photo-essay of some father-son bonding:

Question - What do you think about changing the name of this blog to simply "CBKWorld"? I want any thoughts, for or against.

Photo-essay - Our 5-year-old son asked my wife to paint his toenails blue last week (he's a whimsical child). She finally got around to it on Saturday. When she was done he offered to do mine himself. How could I say no?

We feel pretty.  Oh so pretty.
That's a gnarly-ass foot you got there, Dude!
But look how cute these are!