Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No time for a title

I've got a meme coming soon, but lots of work, so here's a quick note with some things I've meant to write about.

Friday night I saw This Is Me Smiling and Motion City Soundtrack, along with two other bands I didn't care about and who failed to win me over. TIMS, you'll recall, opened for Hey Mercedes at their last show and I was psyched to see them here at home. I got to the club at 7, and they were already playing! Why so early? Because apparently the club hosts some dance party thing at 10. Luckily they were only in their second song. They sounded great, and the smallish crowd of teenagers dug them, but they only played like 6 songs! Bummer. I chatted with two of the members later and they were real nice. This is, like, their first real tour, and they're not even siged to a label yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

Motion City Soundtrack was really good. The crowd was pretty big by the time they started, and of course some assholes started moshing. I was well away from that, but still had a good view. They played a bunch of songs from their first album that I didn't recognize, but liked. I like their new album a lot better. Their one big crowd-pleasing hit from the old album, complete with song-along section ,I don't even like that much. But they write great pop songs, play really tight, and the singer has a strong voice. He's got a bit too much ego, but it was a good time, and I was home-bound by 10, which was good since I had just returned from Calgary that afternoon and almost immediately left for the concert.

I played floor hockey this weekend, about two and a half years since I last played. Because I travel for work, I've refrained from playing the last two years. I play goalie, and it's not really fair to miss games regularly. I only played in four games the first time I played in this league (with a record of 1-3) because of travel. My team found a replacement, and then went on to win the damn championship. I watched the final game from the stands. I didn't want to lose it for them. At least I got a tee shirt. Anyway, the hockey place just started a Saturday morning league, so I was all over it. I was pretty nervous not having played for so long, but it went well. I felt I played well, but my team wasn't so hot. I made at least two times as many saves as the opposing goalie, faced three penalty shots, and we lost 5-1. Oh well. Hopefully things will go better next week. The teams switch every week, so maybe I'll get some more goal and defensive support. One unfortunate side-effect of not having played in so long, very sore thighs. All that crouching is quite a workout.

I watched some Live8 video today and saw the reunited Pink Floyd perform. They sounded A-Maz-Ing! And David Gilmour is STILL a God!

Many of you have probably seen the news about Karl Rove's role in PlameGate. As much as I love to see the bastard go down in flames, I can't believe he would have been so stupid to contact the journalists himself. I'm sure whatever punishment comes his way will be insanely light considering the treason he committed, but to have him Chinese Wall-ed out of the administration will be good enough. Let's hope.

iPod: "Breathe In" by Braid, "Friendship" by Tenacious D, "Figure 8" by Elliott Smith, and "NO2" by Phish.