Monday, July 18, 2005

I should be in bed

But I've got a new addiction.

Tea Games

These games are great, and tough, but very addicting. Check them out. I love the archery game and the golf, but all are fun (except for the helicopter one; that's too hard to be fun).

When I look at the high scores of these games, though, I get very envious of these people's abilities. But then I realize that these people must spend HOURS and HOURS at their computers doing nothing but playing these games and other web-based activities and generally just don't leave their darkened dorm-rooms to do anything. I keep telling myself that and I feel a little better. I've never been that great at video games, but I enjoy them from time to time.

Here's something fun. I've decided to reveal a bit of myself. Jade suggested a little while ago in a comment that I use my senior high school yearbook picture for my profile. I declined, but then I took another look at it and got a nice laugh. So here, in all their glory, are the Dynamic Duo of my high school "look":

The Crustache

Image hosted by

The Center-Parted, Feathered Hair

Image hosted by

I didn't shave regularly until well into college. You can try to Frankenstein these together, but it won't really give you an idea of what I look like now. Just thought it would raise a chuckle or smile.

Good night.