Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Is going on with the Red Sox these days? There's no such thing as an early July meltdown. It's supposed to be August, boys. So regain that lead in the AL East and get a nice 5 game cushion so you can lose the division by 9-10 games come October.

Red Sox fans can't be too optimistic, even after last year. But really I'm just practicing my Boston cynicism to be ready for hockey season. I need to get worked up over the Sawx to be ready for the emotional investment I'll be giving to the Bruins. Baby steps.

In other news, Spamusement has returned to form after a short "off" period. Enjoy!

Enjoy 12 Bottles of the World's Finest Wines

They like to take turns

I can't think of anything else to write, so here are the alternates from the Vermont edition of Real Beautiful Women

Alternate 1
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Alternate 2
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Tonight I will get sleep. I will!