Monday, July 25, 2005

Your silence is deafening

So, I'm trying some new stuff out to see if it raises any reaction. I made the banner myself (a clumsy effort to say the least). It's supposed to be hockey pucks and cheesesteaks, with some representative pictures set into the corners. My wife doesn't really like it, and I'm not so crazy about it myself (too dark). Maybe I need a whole new template, because it's hard to fill all that space up there with something eye-pleasing and interesting.

The profile pic is of me, for once, but not all that attractive. Like I said, I'm trying stuff out, just looking for an adequate expression of me for my web presence. We'll see what else I can cook up.

I had the day off today. Utah has it's own holiday called Pioneer Day. It's when we celebrate the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Wasatch Valley. We watched a parade, ate pizza, and sat in our non-heated hot tub. Anything's worth celebrating if you miss work, I guess!