Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ironing's done, time to blog

It's a short trip this week, so I ironed all my clothes for the rest of the week. Whoop de doo! I'm sure you care! I should be doing homework for my online class this week, and I'll probably get to it, but right now I'm watching what looks to be the Jeopardy Pre-Teen Tournament. Pretty cute.

I'd like to introduce a new feature: Name This Thing!

Can you identify this?

What the hell is THAT!?!?!

Here's another view.


Hint: you can see a bit of a toothbrush head in the first picture that might give you a sense of perspective. I'd say it's at least a foot long stretched out straight.

Submit your guesses. There will be valuable points for the winner, and maybe something else that you actually want.

Good luck.

P.S. - That new Subaru Tribeca commercial that plays "Dust in the Wind" haunts me every time it comes on. The song just gets to me, and I wish that it would play the whole thing.