Monday, August 01, 2005

It's getting harder

I tried to find a title that fit the two subjects I'm about to address, and I think that's about the best one I could come up with.

Subject 1. I've always been moderately handy, putting things together, fixing things, stuff like that, but this weekend I learned and applied a new skill. I removed and replaced a floor tile! No big deal, I know, but I was pretty proud of myself. I had to saw the grout out, pop the tile off the cement with a chisel, remove the existing tack strip for the carpet, nail in new tack strips (the new tile is a square, and the old one was a triangle), cement the new tile down (I had some help with that from our neighbor), mix the new grout, and fill it into the cracks; all without causing major damage to the flooring elements we want to keep. Now it looks great, and all I have left to do is kick the carpet back into place. Voila! The grout is what's getting harder, by the way.

Subject 2. I don't know why, but it's been getting progressively harder to find women for the Real Beautiful Women project. For Maine I only looked around Portland, New Hampshire and Vermont I had to look at a few cities, and Massachusetts was really tough. I thought I'd get a cornucopia of babes from the Boston area, but I looked through 600 profiles and only had a few candidates. Then I went to Worcester and Springfield and maybe got one more. I even went to my hometown and surrounding area, but got nuthin'! Finally I remembered the Lowell area came up with some good ones when I was searching Nashua for the New Hampshire Edition(Lowell's close to the NH border) and found one or two to round out the field. I should have known that Rhode Island would be even harder, given its size. Not only was there a dearth of really attractive females, many pretty ones that came up were from South-Eastern Massachusetts (who I didn't find during Mass week, naturally). I looked at the full 1000 profiles returned in my search, and only had some "maybe"s. I checked and found many more attractive women, but because I'm not going to pay to join it, I couldn't get to the full pictures. So I did another search in Yahoo, with a smaller age range, and found a couple I hadn't seen before. After consultation with Lovely Wife, we have decided on three acceptable women for Rhode Island, but I wouldn't say the categories fit very neatly. Enjoy, and Connecticut, get ready, because I'll be looking this weekend!*

iPod: "Low" by Foo Fighters, "The Color of Right" by Rush, "Where the Street Have No Name" by U2, "Let Go" by Soundtrak, "Space Rock" by Weezer, "Falling for the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies, "Roseability" by Idlewild.

* I know I must sound like a big-ass hypocrite, purporting to celebrate beautiful "real" women while dissing thousands of women unfit for my exalted blog feature. Sorry. Plenty of women I've seen are attractive, and if I were single and lived in their area I might contact them to get to know them. But with this blog I'm trying to showcase the most alluring, eye-catching, out-right beautiful women out there who aren't being manufactured and air-brushed and paraded in front of a captive public as the ideals of beauty. That's consistent, isn't' it? Plus, take a look at Providence, RI in Yahoo Personals and you'll see some of the trouble I had.