Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Small Brush with Fame

The Wife and I went to a birthing class this weekend to prepare for the coming of our new baby. It was pretty good, we learned about labor and birth and stuff. We saw some videos of people having babies that made us both teary-eyed. The nurse who taught it was pretty funny in a dead-pan kind of way. Apparently, though, she's never heard the word "seen" because she invariably used "saw" whenever "seen" would have been correct.

I saw a woman in the class on Friday night who looked familiar to me. In class the next day I thought she looked REALLY familiar and I was sure I had saw, I mean seen, her somewhere before. I was wracking my brain trying to think of where I knew her from. College, law school, restaurant? It was really bugging me when "BAM!" it came to me. She's Jodi Saeland, the meteorologist for the local Fox affiliate. I couldn't find any good current pictures of her, only these embarrassing ones from her Weather Channel days.

Nice dress!
Nice hair!
Nice everything!

You can go to their website and enter a contest to guess when her baby will be born, what gender it will be, and so on, if you're into that sort of thing. I think it would be pretty funny if someone outside the Salt Lake area won the contest.

My son is a comic genius, by the way. As you know my wife is pregnant. She gets really hot and uncomfortable at night, so she keeps a fan on pointed at our bed. She also only uses a sheet to cover herself. This means that I, too, have a fan blowing on me and only a sheet to cover me, so I get pretty cold by morning. Tonight, before he went to bed, our son offered to turn the fan off for my wife.

"No thanks," she said. "I like to keep it on during the night."

"Why," he asked.

To be funny she said, "To freeze Daddy."

"Why do you do that," he inquired further. So I quipped, "So she can have an ice pop."

A groaner, I know, but I thought the 5 year old would enjoy it. But as soon as I said it, without missing a beat, he asked my wife, "Do you suck on him?"

We both died laughing. He started laughing along, as well, but he never understood why. Thank God!