Friday, August 05, 2005

But Your Honor, it was the PLAYOFFS!

I was hesitant to make my post title an insensitive joke, but I'll explain why I did in a minute. In the meantime, read this horrible story:

Florida sports fan sentenced to death

Approximately 70 individual blows?!??! Jesus Christ, that guy's got issues. And for highlights of a Tyson fight? What an unbelievably unnecessary tragedy.

My wife found the story and sent it to me. She's a very compassionate person and for some masochistic reason always reads horrible news stories of kidnapping, murder and crimes against children. It makes her feel horribly sad, but I think it makes her realize how much she loves her family and how good things are for us. When she sent the story, though, she included this hilarious comment:

"No sex during a Bruins game. Got it."

Now you see why I had to title my post the way I did. I had to make myself look more insensitive than she did after her email. You're welcome, Sweetie! :-*

In other sports news, Gary Sheffield is a humongous fucking idiot. I usually don't care about Yankee news, but his idiocy transcends team loyalty.

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