Monday, August 08, 2005

Instant Recidivism

You may remember an incident at the CBK abode when our house was broken into while we were sleeping. The full account can be found here. If you recall the culprit:

presumably high, carjacked somebody at knifepoint, drove down the road and hit some other cars, ditched the car at the end of our street, and ran to our house, thinking someone was after him with guns. He banged on our door then
broke the window (double pane) with his hands.

Well, that crazy bastard was at it again this weekend! The guy described in this article HAS to be the same one who victimized us. He's got the same name and an almost identical M.O.! Let's review his recent exploits.

Joe Lucero:
- attempted to rob two women at knife point in the parking lot of a convenience store,
- ran to an apartment complex and tried to break into an apartment,
- when that failed, crossed the street and forced two people out of a Jeep at knife point. He took off in the vehicle but rolled it, suffering cuts and bruises.
- then entered an apartment complex, and attempted to break into several apartments, leaving bloody handprints on the doorknobs,
- kicked in the door of the Hernandez family,
- barricaded himself and the family inside their apartment, and when offered money, refused and asked for the toddler. "He looked at me and said, 'The baby."

The police caught him after he fled that apartment without hurting anyone and brought him to the hospital. I'm guessing he was out on bail, but don't know.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? We were supposed to go to court tomorrow to potentially testify in a hearing about what he did in May, but I'm not sure he's going to make it there. I'm dying to see this guy and hear some of what his deal is, if possible.

We should start a support group for the victims of his crimes, because we're getting to be a pretty big bunch.

iPod: "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes, "If You Don't, Don't" by Jimmy Eat World.